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Some links from the sports world

May 28, 2009
Only five games in baseball today, including an off day for the Milwaukee Brewers. With little to watch today, I thought I’d take a look at a few things in the news today. So here we go:

The Packers would be smart to settle things with both players as soon as possible. Each of them is too important to the team to allow things like this to become major issues, especially with Aaron Kampman moving to outside linebacker in the Packers’ new 3-4 defense.

ESPN fails to note Lee Corso is more than 70 years old. For anyone else over the age of 70, a stroke would be a big deal, regardless of how minor it truly was. Why is this story’s focus more on whether or not the guy will be on GameDay and not on how his health is?
Personally, I think Corso should consider himself lucky, retire from broadcasting, and enjoy his final years with his family and friends. If he needs to watch football so badly, I’m sure whatever he makes for GameDay is enough to buy tickets to one game a week.

Apparently ex-Kentucky head coach Billy Gillispie never signed a true contract and simply had a sort of “gentlemen’s agreement” with the Wildcats. This could make Rich Rodriguez and West Virginia look like child’s play.

Jason Varitek managed to hit two home runs and get tossed from today’s game along with manager Terry Francona, but not before Twins’ catcher Mike Redmond and manager Ron Gardenhire got the boot in the top half of the seventh.
To make things even more interesting, the home plate umpire had only recently been called up from Triple-A. We’ll see how much longer he lasts with that quick hook.

If Manny Ramirez earns a spot in the starting lineup for this year’s midsummer classic, I promise you I will not watch. It’s absolutely embarrassing that he is even fourth at this point.
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