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Howard leads Magic to NBA Finals

May 30, 2009

Before Saturday’s game in Orlando, LeBron James was averaging more than 40 points per game in the series with the Magic.
It was Dwight Howard, however, who led all scorers with 40 points in Game 6 against the Cavaliers while James managed just 25 points in a losing effort.
So, when it really mattered, Howard proved he was the better clutch player, nearly single-handedly sending his team to the Finals for the first time since 1995.
In fact, aside from the miracle three-pointer James hit in Game 2, the Cavaliers were essentially swept by Howard and Magic, after going 8-0 in the first two rounds of the playoffs.
Now, the Magic will try to pull off yet another upset, as the Finals begin Thursday in Los Angeles.
James on the other hand, will be left with questions of whether or not he will stay in Cleveland or go to New York when he becomes a free agent in 2010.
If this series was any indication, the Cavaliers better acquire someone else to help James if they want him to stick around beyond next season.
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