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Surprise, Surprise: Sosa used PEDs

June 16, 2009

At this point, it’s worth asking: is there anyone left in Major League Baseball who you would really be shocked to find out they used steroids?

For me, there’s one: Ken Griffey Jr. And I wouldn’t so much be shocked as I would be saddened.
Yet, here we are again with breaking news that another “Hall of Fame caliber” player from the steroids era in baseball tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. This time, it’s none other than the Chicago Cubs’ beloved Sammy Sosa.
And while this one isn’t exactly a surprise (look at the guy, he’s like Popeye now compared to his early years), this one is nearly as devastating as the Alex Rodriguez revelation.
Sure, one could say Sosa, McGwire & Co. hurt themselves already before Congress, but based on the “innocent until proven guilty” idea, they had not yet been proven to have done anything wrong. Now, the entire 1998 home run chase that revived baseball following the 1994 players’ strike seems like nothing more than a MLB-endorsed publicity stunt.
Both Mark McGwire and Sosa were clearing juicing, but everyone in America acted like the citizens of Springfield in the classic Simpsons episode when McGwire asks, “Do you want to know the terrifying truth or do you want to see me hit some dingers?”
Nobody wanted to know if they were cheating, they’d rather enjoy an historic chase for the single season home run record of 62, which has since been obliterated by McGwire (70), Sosa (66) and Barry Bonds (73).
All I want to know is, when are these idiots going to stop letting the press throw them under the bus with evidence they know is out there? When will others like McGwire come clean on their own. We all know or think we know who did it, so just tell us and it will go away faster.
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