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Prince Fielder does not like to get hit with baseballs

August 5, 2009

After watching the video of Prince Fielder letting expletives fly in his attempt to confront Guillermo Mota following last night’s game, one question keeps running through my head.

Has he lost his damn mind?
After Fielder was hit by a pitch in the ninth by Mota, he just stood at home plate and stared at him as he walked off the field. During the one time he had to show Mota just how upset he was about the pitch, he did nothing.
As has been repeated many times today in discussing Fielder’s actions, there’s an unwritten rule in baseball about what to do in just such a situation.
The “rule” dictates that Fielder should have gone to the mound and had it out with Mota right then and there, or be a man and walk to first base. What he should never have done is tried to force his way into the Dodgers’ clubhouse 15 minutes after the fact.
Luckily for Fielder, his teammates and Dodgers’ security were there to keep him from Mota, who was no where to be found, or this incident could have escalated into a much larger fine and longer suspension than he will likely already receive.
Obviously, there are more reasons to Fielder’s actions than just the plunking itself. Mota was — in case you forgot — a member of the Brewers last season, the game was far out of reach and the pitch was clearly not intended to be thrown anywhere near the plate.
And let’s not forget how bad the Brewers have been lately and how much they look like they could be in last place by the end of the month.
Even with all those things in mind, Fielder’s postgame actions were absolutely absurd. You would think someone whose father was a three-time All-Star and World Series champion would understand the do’s and don’ts of Major League Baseball.
Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t, so now, we can all sit and wait to see how long Fielder will be suspended and how much he will have to pay. Instead of helping the Brewers find their way back into the NL Central Division race, Fielder will earn himself a spot on the bench for a few days in the near future.
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