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UW makes smart choices with Geoffrion

March 5, 2010

Two weeks ago, Wisconsin senior tri-captain Blake Geoffrion suffered a vicious blow to the head that resulted in a concussion during the Badgers’ 7-4 victory over St. Cloud State.

That hit, delivered by Huskies center Aaron Marvin, resulted in a three-game suspension for Marvin handed down by the WCHA. That will keep him out of the Huskies’ final series this weekend and SCSU’s first playoff game next week.

For Geoffrion, the concussion meant the Brentwood, Tenn., native did not make the trip to Houghton, Mich., last week for the Badgers’ series against Michigan Tech. The decision to keep Geoffrion out an entire week following the hit likely was not popular with UW fans.

But it was the right one.

Too often in the past have athletes at every level returned too early from head injuries. Doing so puts such athletes at a greater risk of further injury from any additional contact. And while one concussion is bad enough, any additional concussions can lead to serious permanent damage. Just ask any professional athlete who has retired from head injuries.

Keeping Geoffrion out was a sign of smart decision-making by the UW men’s hockey team.

Wisconsin’s senior forward is far more important to their team in March than he would have been last week against Michigan Tech. So, by giving him a full week to recover from “getting his bell rung,” the UW coaching staff made a great decision for their future.

While Geoffrion likely would have wanted to return as soon as possible, taking it slow was the best choice. The last thing the Badgers need is to lose their top Hobey Baker Award winner for the entire season because he returned too soon.

Besides, why not keep him out a little longer to give a spark to the Badgers’ season finale series against the Gophers in Minnesota?

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