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Concern over family tickets a misunderstanding

October 13, 2011

ST. LOUIS — Any apparent issues with seating for the families of Brewers players at Busch Stadium turned out to be “much ado about nothing.”

It was a misunderstanding that blew up into an ESPN.com story on Wednesday charging the Cardinals of gamesmanship, but a misunderstanding nonetheless.

In fact, some might consider their seats — many of which are in three catered, first-level party suites down the first-base line — an upgrade over the usual spots behind home plate.

“It’s different than what they’re used to when they come here as a visiting team,” said Katy Feeney, senior vice president of scheduling for Major League Baseball. “It’s nothing different than what they gave the Phillies, it’s nothing different than what they did in ’09 when they were in the postseason.

“[The families] can get in and out very easily. They don’t even have to come through the crowds. In some ways, it’s an advantage.”

All of the players’ wives, children and other immediate family members were able to fit in the suites, aside from the ones who chose to use some tickets in the main seating area.

Brewers left-hander Randy Wolf and manager Ron Roenicke met with the media before Game 3 of the National League Championship Series on Wednesday, and neither expressed much concern over the apparent issue.

Said Wolf: “If I were to have a list of things to think about, that would definitely be at the bottom.”

But there was some concern that the families would be scattered all over the stadium before the players fully grasped the situation, said Brewers director of team travel Dan Larrea.

Most of the tickets provided in the main seating area were for Brewers staff members who made the trip down from Milwaukee. In the end, the club even ended up sending back most of the tickets allotted for family members in the main seating area of the stadium.

“There are no security issues, which was the first concern,” Larrea said. “It was an overreaction initially, but everything was worked out. There is no ‘ticketgate.'”

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