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Amid wild week, Brewers continue to roll

April 24, 2014

There was an Easter Sunday brawl, the cover literally being hit off a baseball and pitchers rocking out to ’80s band Wang Chung.

It was a wild week for the Brewers.

And if you got caught up in all the craziness ā€” or if you were too busy taking selfies at Miller Park with Hank ā€” you may have missed the fact that the Crew continued to roll, going 5-2 over the last week by winning three of four in Pittsburgh and two of three at home against the San Diego Padres.

The brawl and who was more at fault between Carlos Gomez and Gerrit Cole makes for an entertaining discussion, to be sure. And Brewers catcher Martin Maldonado quite literally hitting the cover off the ball Friday night is something you may never see again.

But the biggest story should be that this team, a team most projected to finish fourth or worse in the National League Central, just might be the best in baseball.

They certainly have been so far, and their 16-6 record is no fluke. But can the Brewers sustain this pace?

Certainly, they won’t continue to win 72 percent of games. But if the pitching stays strong and they avoid any major injuries, this Milwaukee team appears to have the pieces to win about 85-90 games and potentially take the division. At the very least, the Brewers look very much like a playoff team.

April was supposed to be the toughest month of the season. Instead, the Brewers are breezing through it.

With 23 of the first 32 games against 2013 playoff teams, this team had its work cut out for it. Milwaukee has answered that challenge early, going 11-5 against teams that made last year’s postseason.

So far, so good. But don’t go booking your World Series trip just yet.

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