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Why the Brewers won’t make the playoffs

September 11, 2014

For all that has gone wrong in the last three weeks, the Brewers remain in a relatively fortunate position.

Starting strong while the rest of the National League Central struggled, Milwaukee built up plenty of cushion for the slump that had to come eventually. Unfortunately, that slump turned into a free fall. But even after such an inexplicable 3-16 free fall, they remain in the hunt.

Sitting just 1½ games back of the Pirates in the wild-card race and four behind the first-place Cardinals, they have three games each against those two teams next week. Win more than they lose and the Brewers could be right back in a postseason spot.

So, the opportunity is there. But the odds are not in the Brewers’ favor.

Last month, Pittsburgh came to Milwaukee six games back and the Brewers had a chance to bury the Pirates as far as nine games behind, or at least knock them down to seven back with a series win. Instead, they lost two of three and the teams started heading in opposite directions.

So much so that the roles now have reversed.

The Brewers are the team heading on the road looking to get back into the playoff picture, and the Cardinals and Pirates have the opportunity to deliver knockout blows. Don’t expect their NL Central rivals to be as accommodating as the Brewers were three weeks ago.

Instead, the Crew will miss the playoffs as the Cards and Bucs play on.

Just look at the next nine games. The Pirates host the Cubs, Red Sox and Brewers; Milwaukee hosts Cincinnati before traveling to St. Louis and Pittsburgh; and the Cardinals host the Rockies, Brewers and Reds.

Playing at home, the Cardinals and Pirates are more likely to gain ground than lose it over the next 10 days. As such, the Brewers could be looking up from an even bigger deficit with just six games to play.

Mathematically, you can’t count the Brewers out yet.

But I wouldn’t bet on them making the playoffs.

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